The Shingle Life

James has never had a girlfriend; his brother Ben is a ladies’ man; their friend Willie has just been dumped. As Ben works to rebuild Willie’s confidence, James secretly finds love with Willie’s ex.

Attack of the Tattie-Bogle

A group of acquaintances gather at a mutual friend's cabin in remote Wisconsin. Armed with all the comforts of urban life, they are ready to celebrate; but when a masked stranger shows up and attacks the group, they are sent reeling. Confused, scared, and unprepared to handle real danger, survivors are forced to battle fears, balance egos, and summon their courage - or die.


The morning after Halloween Del woke up in his truck hung over and covered in dirt, Brandt was found floating in a river, and Susan was rushed to the hospital, bloody and cold. Now, a week before Christmas, they seek the mysterious truth about what happened that fateful night.

Cut Off

A short look at how a minor case of poor traffic etiquette can lead to a major case of road rage. Watch how the protection of a speeding automobile can make a man feel brave. Watch how quickly that bravery disappears.